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Hello there! ~  :hi:
I just found this site by accident, but checked it out! Although I don't have the skills to help you with anything :depressed: and saw how many series you have ongoing right now, I still wanted to suggest a manga, I hope it won't be too much of an inconvenience :bow:. I just have been so desperate to find someone to pick this series up, ever since the group scanlating it was disbanded and it was dropped...

The manga's name is Junai Sensation, mangaka is Obayashi Miyuki. It was such and excellent manga, I loved it so much  :squeee:! It was perfect! It had everything I was after; gender bender, funny situations based on that, supernatural and slice of life in harmony  :love: ... Aww! ~ Why did this happen to meee! :waaah: It was stopped just at the worst place, just like DNAngel's cliffhanger...

Err, I think I went overboard  :swt:... But anyway, I would really apprepriate it if it was sometime picked up. It doesn't matter if it won't, this is just a suggestion! Thank you!  :beg:

Hi Kuroneko!  Welcome to Decadence!

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately we're not picking up any new serious at the moment. We currently lack typesetters and cleaners so until we can get more staff we can't do more projects! Sorry!


Sah, it's okay! I was thinking it mėght be the issue  :swt:

Another one to consider when you open up for new projects is Hapira Hajimaru. Found it a few months ago and the scan group is not active anymore but I don't know if the raws can be found anywhere.
Just wanted to put it out there  :blush:

Hopefully new projects will be taken on soon with all the new trainees  :skip:


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