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Hi, am I the first one to intro myself on this section of the forum...ever?
Well, hey there. um, I like making friends, please forgive how clumsily I talk sometimes!
I'm a native english speaker i just talk myself into knots!

ok. bye!

Hi, Thorn! Welcome to Decadence! And yes, you're the very first one here, so congratulations on that!

I'm not sure if you already know this but we used to be under Transcendence Scanlations, and so we had our Introductions there. When we moved to our new website and forum (this one) we the staff didn't bother making any introductions anymore. Maybe we should? HAHA

You're applying for the PR position, right? As a fellow PR, I wish you good luck on your test, and I hope to see you around~


aw that makes sense, thanks for dropping by and explaining. Yeah! trying for PR, nice to meetcha


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