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[Proofreader] SaltyPotato


Age: 17
Timezone/Location: UTC+10.00, Australia
Projects Interested in: Any :)
Any Experience: Not really, besides proofreading friend's school essays and such haha

I wanted to join Decadence because I really enjoy reading your releases and would love to help out  :thumbsup:
As for some random things about myself; I play the ukulele, I'm left handed, and am probably one of the most laid back people you'll ever meet :)

Anyway, thanks for looking over my test <(^_^<)

...Oh and don't worry guys, I READ THE RULES

Hi SaltyPotato, thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately, I can't pass you as a PR right now. You did well in the first parts but there were multiple errors in the script section. One of the most difficult parts about proofreading is rephrasing into natural English speech in addition to checking for proper grammar. You're free to look over your script and make changes to try again if you'd like, but we do really need help on cleaning and typesetting too! Training is provided for those from scratch and we'd be happy to teach you if you're willing to learn.

Alright no worries, I might have a look and see where I went wrong. Thanks :)


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