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Finally here I am!!  :blush:

Age: 21-sai
    Timezone/General Location: UTC+1 / France
    Projects Interested Working on: Anything really (Queen's Quality)
    Do you have any experience? technically I do, let's see more under ↓

Why did you decide to join Decadence?
I'm found of manga and your projects are good! I actually contacted Roze through email, I'd like to help with my skills :)
Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am a post-graduated student in mass media and have lots of professional experiences in editing and design. I'm French and bilingual in English
I'm really organized so I'll always find time for the job! I've been longing to be part of a scanlation project like yours and I hope we get along well   :squeee:

Here are the Typesetting test folder :

and Cleaning tests folder :

And of course I READ THE RULES  :thumbsup:

see you soon!
xoxo  :love:

Hello again Lydia! I will be your cleaner trainer. We will continue your cleaning training here:
My co-admin, Kokoromi handles the typesetting training. I'm sure she will review your test shortly.

Hi Lydia!

To formally introduce myself, my name is Kokoromi (or Koko for short) and as Roze mentioned, I will be your typesetting trainer.

Your training will be done at this topic here:

P.S. If you find that doing both training sessions at the same time is overwhelming, please let us know.


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