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Excited to Get to Know You
« on: January 11, 2019, 06:02 PM »
Hi friends (or future friends :bingo:),

Excited to get working with you and currently training as a PR (maybe QC in future?). I'm curious to get to know you all better. Is there a disqus page or active chat for staff?

A bit about me: I'm in my mid 20s and one of those people who went to grad school straight out of undergrad. Huzzah to me for delaying joining the work force! Have lived for the past five years in a freeezing part of midwest US. Still haven't gotten used to the cold! These winter months I get particularly bored of sitting indoors, so I've been reading manga more and thought I might help out a bit. Hope to see everyone around.

Question for all of you: What got you started in scanlation and what keeps you around?


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Re: Excited to Get to Know You
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 06:26 PM »
Hi Lobeho!!!

Nice to meet you. Can't wait for you to join our PR team!!! We definitely need the help and good PRs are hard to find!

We have a Discord channel where quite a few of us actively chat. You can find the link above underneath the Cbox. You can download an desktop application and even an app for your phone if you have a smartphone.

Through the Discord, there is a private area that only staff can see where we talk about scan related work only. You will gain access to that area once you pass your training (if you join Discord.)

Cool that you live in the midwest!!! I wondering if you're around me? I'm in Northwest Minnesota so it's definitely cold here!!!

I got started in scanlation about 8 years ago. I saw an ad for a group from a manga I was reading so I joined that group. About 3 years later I wanted to pick up a more smuttier project then that group usually did and they didn't want to so I made a sister group to them. I've now been an admin for just about 5 years.

I suppose I stick around because I this group is my baby! It's fun to manage it and I also find working on manga in my spare time relaxing. I also love chatting with the team members! I've made a few friends that way so it's really fun!

Hope to see you in Discord!


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Re: Excited to Get to Know You
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2019, 04:44 AM »
Welcome Lobeho!

Nice with another PR trainee! I'm currently undergoing PR training as well after I became an editor!

^As Roze mentioned you should def join us on Discord! We have lots of fun over there getting to know each other better and chatting about everyday stuff.

I myself live in Denmark and am 25 years old. I also went straight for my Master's after finishing my Bachelor degree in Biology as you can't really get a job without a master degree here in Denmark! So I'm with ya on the whole delay to join the work force!

I joined Decadence in April last year because they offered training, and I didn't have any experience! I think I saw an ad in Koneko-chan or Koi wa Tsuzuku! I've been reading manga since I was 13 though, just never managed to join a group before since most of them didn't offer training at the time.
I really enjoy the community here, it's a lot of fun and I like doing the scan work which can be both relaxing and challenging at times.  :X-D:


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Re: Excited to Get to Know You
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2019, 08:34 AM »
Hi, Lobeho! Good to have you. :)

I'm Spectrum, junior translator. My motivation is that there exist great manga that deserve more exposure outside Japan. What brought me here was Shizuko Is My Bride because I fell in love with another manga by the same author and wanted to both read more of her works and spread the word about them. :)

How is your name, "Lobeho", pronounced? Which syllable is stressed? Is is stressed on the first syllable as in "Lo! Behold!" or on the second syllable as in "Lobelia Sackville-Baggins"?
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