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Good afternoon!

My name is Deb, Username DLT111. I have extensive experience proofreading and QCing as well as some typesetting experience from my time at Key and Cravat and Kirei Cake. Please mind that some of the links are NSFW, but the credits page should be in the first few pages for Key and Cravat items and embedded somewhere in the manga for Kirei Cake.

In Key and Cravat, QC involved me finding errors and giving them to Ninaleena to fix which is why we're both credited as QC. There are a lot more items I proofread for Key and Cravat but they aren't published outside of the dead LiveJournal community yet.

Proofread and QC:

    -Vol 2 & 3

As for the proofreading and typesetting for Kirei Cake, here are a few of the chapters I've worked on for them. I have many more proofread chapters from them as well which you can find on mangadex. I just didn't mention them as the list will get too long then.

Kirei Cake also likes to stick closer to the original translations so the sentences may still be a little awkward, but that isn't a reflection on my proofreading skills.

Proofread and Typeset:
    -Chapter 3.2
    -Chapter 2.3
    -Chapter 2.1
    -Chapter 91

    -Chapters 110-111, 113, 115-117 etc.
    -Chapters 82.5,84, 86 etc.
    -Chapters 1.5-2.2

If you'd like me to do any of the tests, please let me know and I'll prepare them immediately.

Age: 26
    Timezone/General Location: EST, Indiana, USA
    Projects Interested Working on: Any and All
    Do you have any experience? See Above

    Why did you decide to join Decadence?
I want to work on more Shoujo manga, but none of my groups are into it.
    Tell us a bit about yourself!
I'm a 26 year old graduate school student going back for my masters degree. I have a lot of extra time and manga makes me happy. I figured it'd be a good idea to use my time scanlating manga since I'm always so impatient to read them! I am currently learning Japanese and have the ability to (SUPER SLOWLY) translate things which I use to help me validate any weird portions that I'm proofreading. Feel free to ask me any questions.


Edit: Attached PR test. QC test will be forthcoming tomorrow.
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Re: Experienced Proofreader, QC, and Occasional Typesetter!
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2019, 02:57 AM »
Hi Deb! Thank you very much for applying. I reviewed your proofreading test and found a few issues in the following areas:

- Correct singular vs. plural pronoun usage
- Missing words
- Missing or misplaced punctuation
- Capitalization

As it stands, there are too many errors for me to give you a pass. But I think most of these can be identified and fixed if you carefully comb through the test a couple more times, so feel free to do so and resubmit.