Cleaner (scldragonfish)



Age: 42
Timezone/General Location:
Central Standard Time, Southern USA

Projects Interested Working on:
I am interested in a challenge. I prefer of Josei, Mature, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, School Life and even some Smut. My cut off is Yaoi/Yuri involving young kids, Teens and Adults are fine.

Do you have any experience?
I have been studying art for 30 years, mostly cartooning. My day job was office/clerical, Desktop publishing and drafting, since I was 19. I am very familiar with document manipulation and formatting. I am also a good speller and have excellent English grammar skills.


Why did you decide to join Decadence?
I love manga and anime art styles. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, I am permanently home bound because I am immune suppressed. My mind needs to be working. I hate being idle and want to be busy; this seems more fun than most things. I live in a sub-tropical climate, so knitting and crochet are pointless.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am a woman who loves comic books, cooks a mean chili, and loves animals. My husband thinks I'm awesome.

Cleaner - Scldragonfish Zip File



Hi dragonfish (is it okay I call you that?)

I looked over your pages and I have a few general notes:
- First of all, you should never merge all your leveling layers, we keep these and we do a copy of the background layer to clean on. I'll recommend you look over the tutorials at the bottom of the guidelines dox and try again.
- You should also crop the white/black edges away, the guidelines. And page 4-5 is meant to be stitched together to a double spread, but you don't have to redraw the missing part, just put a white space in between the two pages.
- We also put the stamp on a layer by itself and above all the leveling.
- And try and clean/dodge out the gutter shadow on page 3.

Submit here again when you're ready. :thumbsup: