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This topic contains VERY important information. PLEASE READ IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Welcome to the Decadence forums! And thanks for being interested in joining our group!

If you're interested in becoming one of our staff members, here's the general overview of how it will go:

1. Download the designated test from the Tests!!! thread.
2. Post a thread in this forum with the completed test for the position you are interested in doing.
a. You can attach the test to the forum post or if it's too big upload it to
3. Subscribe to your forum post so that when one of our lovely expert staffers reviews your test you will receive an email.
4. If you pass your test, you'll be assigned three trial chapters.
5. After the three trial chapters, unless your trainer feels otherwise, you will be made full staff.
6. When you are made full staff, you will be given access to a spreadsheet where you may look for work otherwise you may contact me and I will assign you something to work on.

There are 6 different types of positions:

  1. Translator (JP, KR, or CH): You translate from raw scans into English. You must be good enough in both the original language and English to provide a good script for us to work with. Translator guidelines.
  2. Proofreader: You check and correct the translated scripts. You also look for missing translations and confusing sentences. You must have a strong command of English grammar and a bit of finesse with the language be able to turn awkward and incorrect English into more natural-sounding sentences without changing the meaning too much. You will also work closely with the translator to accomplish this.
  3. Cleaner: You remove text and sound effects and generally prepare raw scans for typesetting. You must have an eye for detail and be willing to undergo our rigorous training. Cleaner Guidelines.
  4. Typesetter: You take the proofread scripts and turn the cleaned pages into an English manga chapter. You must have an eye for detail, some creativity, and be willing to undergo our rigorous training. Typesetter Guidelines.
  5. Editor: Combines the jobs of Cleaner and Typesetter.
  6. Quality Checker: You check the completed chapters and make sure that nothing is missing, out of place, looks weird, or is spelled wrong. You must have an obsessive eye for detail, and grumble at every mistake or hourglass-shaped text you see in a round bubble in a manga. You have to want our releases to be the very best they can be! **Quality Checkers must have relevant experience in order to apply. It is highly suggested that you go through typesetter/cleaner/ and proofreading training.

To apply, take the designated test in the Tests!!! thread, then make a thread in this forum titled: [The position you want] (Your username)
Then fill out this questionnaire please:

Timezone/General Location:
Projects Interested Working on:
Are you okay with working on smut?
Do you have any experience?


Why did you decide to join Decadence?
Tell us a bit about yourself!

Important Things To Know
- Minimum age to apply is 15 years old. There are some projects that are recommended age 17+. If you don't want to work on the more mature works then you don't have to.
- If you don't respond to your trainer's post/private messages within a month you will be considered MIA and have to reapply
- The training for each position takes about a month, usually less time. Please don't apply if you can't dedicate a month to doing the training.
- If you start the training and then decide it's too hard, you don't have enough time, or it's not something you're really interested in please just say so! We would prefer you just be honest with us instead of wasting your own time as well as ours. :)
- If you have the occasional accident/busy period in life we are very understanding, but if it becomes a constant thing we will ask you to pursue your training at a later date. If you are posting your training pages weeks and weeks apart from each other you often forget things.
- A computer is recommended for all positions but is required for Cleaner, Typesetter, and Quality Checker.

When you create your thread in this section, please put I READ THE RULES at the end of it!

Thank you! I look forward to welcoming you to our team. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact Roze, Sevs, or Chiisai-Hime. We will respond as soon as we are able!
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