[Typesetter] Avigan


Age: 22

Timezone/General Location: GMT+07.00 Jakarta

Projects Interested Working on:
Main interest on Cleaning and Typesetting. Translator can be minor alternative for me. After considering, I need more extensive learning from now. Basically, I'm currently in N4 to N3/N2 level transition, but in unorganized way of learning.

Are you okay with working on smut?
[TL/DR: hotondo muri]
Sorry, I can't handle it even working/tasking alone, even I'll be paid. I'm really uncomfortable with watching/reading explicit contents, and get worse if contributing it. I prefer simple genres, but if the project contains it but on comedy purposes like Seitokai Yakuindomo or as long as is commonly acceptable, I'm okay to handle.

Do you have any experience?
[TL/DR: good standings in Photoshop]
In digital editing, Yes, I have. I handled some digital bitmap projects, mainly as an outsourcing digital designer on campus and chief of publication design from two campus-level seminars. Contrary, I'm not excelling that much with vector arts nor professional effects, and I won't take my design commercially due to license reasons, but I have an enough confidence for manga digital editing.
In Japanese translation, honestly, this is my first time trying to contribute at large scale. Besides of manga, I tutored basic Japanese two years ago and currently joining bit of Japanese forums and following some free Japanese learning accounts at social media in order to invest knowledge daily.

Why did you decide to join Decadence?
[TL/DR: Your all dedications and prospective qualities, and my recent read raw manga, Koikimo]
As an introduction. Since my first preference to my first watched anime from HoneyWorks in 2018 after finding other experiences from osu! rhythm game since 2014, I had good preference to Japanese digital arts. I started myself from watching anime to reading manga from nearly 2 years ago. Yup, I experienced different experiences from reading. I had read some mangas which some of it are did the project greatly (mainly from top or mid tier mangas), and anothers are somewhat uncleaned/untidy/inconsistent/etc. Unintentionally, I saw Decadence products (forgot what's the title) at a year ago, I got intense touchs of quality. Recently, I visited Koikimo manga because I read the raw scan version until the end chapters, and after knowing Decadence is currently handling it and after reading some chapters, I got inspired about the quality. Simply, I want to contribute the manga scanlations project to be done before its anime adaptation. But, I won't quit after handling Koikimo. I'll waiting some of my favorite mangas to be my project.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
[TL/DR: a skeptical '90s textrovert and an otaku denial]
An semi-nihilist unordinary last semester govenmental accounting student who only knows how I can live peacefully without being burden or feel burdened. More helping than being helped, I like investing knowledges of basic society needs to easily adapt and balancing my standings as positive outlook. Behind the mask, I also known as denial otaku because I hate how outside people judge me easily by comparing with their 'normal line'. I'm an textrovert. I prefer text messages than verbal messages that being in front of gadgets more than 14 hours daily is nothing weird for me. I'm also an intermediate typologist contributing at Personality Database. I think it's interesting to understanding people on general and acceptable way. I'm an phlegmatic ISTP 9w1 952 SLI RCUAI FLVE.

[May I add something]
How about the test?

I did it with relatively super unefficient way but somewhat prospective. Sorry if I messed something because I'm also handling my undergraduate thesis. I will totally free after this September.

1. Cleaning: Unefficient, because of newbie at manga editing and extrapolating patterns. Sorry if I merged the extrapolating brush with a copy of originals. It will consume more time if separate it again. Because of testing purposes, I gave my best. For detail guidelines about cleaning, I can handle it majorly.
Test submission link: Cleaning_Test_v00_ch00[Avigan]

2. Translating: Somewhat I often lost the real context of the manga because some or raw pages uses slanged Japanese term. This is the my greatest experience on translating, remembering that I only performed translation inside the head and rarely use English as in-between language.
Test submission link: Japan_Translation_Test_v00_ch00[Avigan]

3. Typesetting: I found myself challenging for manga font picking, mainly for sound effects, because I usually use ordinary design font such Bebas Neue, Montserrat, Roboto, Myriad, etc. For sense of positioning and maintaining consistency, I'm okay.
Test submission link: Typesetter_Test_v00_ch00[Avigan]


I'm waiting for a reply of my recruitment application.
Hope we have a good time.
- Avigan

As an additional note:
I'll be contribute at optimal level at second half of May after composing my thesis proposal. I posted this as soon as possible to enhance my focus.
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Quality Checker
French TL
Hello Avigan!

Thank you for applying at Decadence. You'll be split up among different trainers, please be patient while they review your tests.

I just want to let you know that we don't need any help translating or cleaning Koi to Yobu so for those jobs you would be given other projects of ours to work on.


I just want to let you know that we don't need any help translating or cleaning Koi to Yobu so for those jobs you would be given other projects of ours to work on.
Hi too, Roze, sorry for replying delays.
That's okay, I'm waiting for it after my training.
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