My name's Kyle, and I've recently finished my training as a proofreader.

I'm a second year university student studying business, English and Japanese. Along with manga, I'm a huge fan of anime, light novels, and many of the other otaku-ish Japanese media. While I've read more than my fair share of shoujo romance manga, I feel obligated to mention that most of my favorites fall into the seinen demographic (Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, Grand Blue, Chikan Otoko). If I was forced to pick a single shoujo work as my favorite, I'd probably say Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

I had a lot of fun practicing with different series over the past couple of months (especially Koudaike)! Shout out to Learenn for all of their help and patience, but I'm excited to start working on chapters independently~:byebye:

I'm looking forward to talking and/or working with y'all in the future. I'm especially excited to meet the other guys on staff, as I'm a bit curious about the paths that led them here. Feel free to hit me up here or through Discord/MAL.

Discord: Ken#8879
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Quality Checker
Welcome Kyle!!! Congrats on passing through training! Ren is definitely an amazing trainer. :love:

Can't wait to work with you and chat with you more on the Discord! <3