Japanese TL
Hello everyone! I'm Burcu and I have just completed my JPTL training with Chii and Sedna. I'll be joining the ranks as a Japanese translator.:yay:

I've been watching anime and reading manga for more than a decade now (here's a display of my awful taste if you care), and I thought it was time to move on from being a simple leecher. I wanted to contribute to the community that has fed me for years, I saw your recruitment post on MD and decided to apply because you seemed quite nice.

I will be translating manga seriously for the first time, so I hope I do well. I might bug other fellow JPTL's when my brain stops or my eyes fail me, so please bear with me! Also dear proofreaders, do not hesitate to tell me that I suck, I'm aware of it and I absolutely take no offense! I guess you can also use me for FR projects, I can help FRTLs compare the French and the Japanese texts if need be.

I really don't know what else to say, so hit me up on Discord (burcu#7819) or @/DM me here. I'm looking forward to be useful!


Welcome, Burcu. I am Luciola and contribute as a PR so I look forward to working with you. You may get questions from me on your work but never criticism. I think you get that only in training & you've passed that. Must be nice to be trilingual. I am working to (re)learn German and starting JP. Sadly, I think I am fated to be monolingual to the end. Again, welcome.


Quality Checker
French TL
Welcome Burcu! So happy that you've passed training!

I'm one of the admins here and I do just about everything under the sun around the group (Except TL JP so glad you're here to help with that!!) I've been doing scanlation work for 10+ years and been an admin for 7 years.

Can't wait for you to complete more translations of Mitsu! It is one of my favorite projects and I know a few other staffers quite enjoy it.

Once you get into the groove with Mitsu, if you're interested in picking up another project (maybe something that's been abandoned?) Don't hesitate to suggest something over in the Staff Project Suggestions section.

Also it's great that you're volunteering to help do TL checks for the French Projects! Poor Sedna is our main TL we go to for most TL checks so it'll be great that'll get some help in that area!

If you're ever confused or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Congrats again on passing and look forward to getting to know you <3