Okazaki Mari’s “And”


Dear Decadence
thank you for the absolutely marvellous work that you do. I really like your selection of manga and have used your reader extensively.
I have recently read & (And) by Okazaki Mari. It’s completed at 8 vol, 45 chapters as far as I can see, but I have only been able to find up to ch. 24 translated to English by Stiletto Heels, who are no longer active it seems. Therefore I was wondering if you would consider taking it up. I am definitely willing to pay for raws, but as of now I am unsure of where to buy them (it’s my first time making this kind of request).
Hoping you can help me with this 🌻


Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, we're juggling quite a few projects, including some new ones that we haven't released yet, so we don't have enough staff to take on another project right now.